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The Directors

Richard Pinchin

Richard Pinchin

Richard has worked in forensic science since 1988. He has published numerous papers on statistics, DNA, glass, forensic interpretation and expert systems.

Latterly, Richard has been focused on the generation of forensic intelligence to assist police investigations. This work has involved collaboration with universities, forensic scientists and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Working with the US forensic community for the last 15 years has given Richard a comprehensive insight into the problems faced by law enforcement agencies and a clear understanding of federal, state and local issues.

Richard ran forensic business units under tight cost constraints yet still improved output performance and increased staff motivation. He believes in the importance of identifying clear benefits, maintaining positive relationships and maximizing customer value.

Richard has worked with US and Canadian law enforcement agencies on projects that created solutions to overcome common and chronic issues including DNA backlogs, long turn around times and insufficient capacity.

Putting people first to unlock potential and utilizing lean principles are fundamental to Richard’s approach. He is committed to doing whatever it takes to support the forensic community to achieve desired outcomes.

Stephen Burrows

Stephen Burrows

Stephen has worked in forensic science since 1990, both as a reporting officer and an operations manager. He co-wrote the Commercial Strategy for and had a lead role in creating, an International Division of a global forensic supplier.

He was responsible for the National DNA Database for England and Wales and has provided consultancy to non-UK forensic organizations requiring large-scale restructuring and organizational change programs.

He has established relationships with federal law enforcement and homeland security agencies, forensic innovation companies, leading technology universities and multinational forensic suppliers.

Stephen has extensive knowledge and experience of implementing lean methodologies into forensic science environments, governmental and private organizations. In the UK, he implemented a national consistency model which reduced forensic turnaround times by over 600%.

He has held senior consultancy positions in the UK National Health Service (NHS) establishing relationships with US healthcare organizations to introduce work improvement programs based on lean methodologies. Utilizing extensive networks across multiple sectors, Stephen has brought lean methodologies to the forensic community, he has enduring passion to create organizational benefit through hands-on support to leaders and operational staff.