Introducing the Productive Crime Laboratory™

The "Productive Crime Laboratory™" (PCL), developed by FKP supports crime laboratories to improve operational performance by eliminating waste and enhancing staff motivation. PCL empowers leaders and staff to create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement with focus on measurement using a set of proven tools.

PCL is a unique, exciting and innovative approach that creates a positive outlook to improvement that is applicable to all areas of an organization, as it targets the way people work not what they do.

Developed out of extensive work done by the National Health Service (NHS) in England over the last 6 years at a cost in excess of $100m, PCL empowers staff to deliver:

Customer Experience
  • Enhanced individual contributions to operational profitability (financial and non-financial)
  • Active backlog reduction and improved lead times (turnaround times)
  • A service focused on customer requirements with the flexibility to meet new demands.

The crime laboratory can achieve an increased speed of service with enhanced value delivered from an optimized cost base.

FKP’s 'lean' methodology, the core concept within PCL, empowers staff to enhance excellent behaviors and best practices. Implementation of PCL enables staff to actively resolve issues and meet challenges (new and known) rather than simply addressing symptoms with short-term fixes. In this way, a sustainable culture of continuous improvement is created.

Organizations implementing this approach have a track record of at least an eight-fold cost saving for each dollar invested while increasing utilization of experts by over 25%.

The focus is on changing "how" people do their jobs, rather than "what" they do in their jobs.