Sustainability of the Productive Crime Laboratory


Many change programs deliver one-off benefits while the program is running and in the short-term once the program has finished. Previous behaviours, practices and processes that are not optimal can return. This is not a desirable outcome after spending money and dedicating staff and management resources to the program.

PCL is different – it is designed to create an ethos of sustainable continuous improvement built in from the outset. This ensures that PCL continues to deliver benefits as the change to a culture of continuous improvement becomes part of the organizational fabric.

FKP has developed a ‘sustainability model’, specifically designed to help predict the likelihood of sustainable benefits following the implementation of PCL.

The model focuses on ten factors relating to staff, process and organizational issues that play an important role in sustaining change.

The sustainability model is used at the beginning, during and the end of your implementation to encourage and enhance development of a continuous improvement culture.